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Riverdale has grown into one of the most recognized brands in the home decor sector. Our team translates the latest fashion trends into new designs.


Riverdale home decor store

Riverdale is an all-round home decor brand with furniture and living accessories for any room. The collection consists of a wide product range that encompasses a number of styles. Riverdale is constantly on the lookout for the latest trends and developments to include in our collection. Each season, we put together a sophisticated range of colours and materials, ranging from timeless and elegant natural colours combined with black to fashionable seasonal colours such as blue, green, and burgundy. This ensures that our collections are always up to date. Our extensive collection appeals to many people, as we can find a product to match any home decor style. That is Riverdale’s strength.

Stylish room decor

With ‘fashionable living’ as its motto, Riverdale is always on top of the latest trends. Our team of designers translates these fashion and lifestyle trends into stylish home decor that inspires you, but always with that Riverdale look and feel. Our unique character is reflected in all accessories and furniture for your living room and the rest of the home. The Riverdale home decor store also designs two new collections every year: a spring collection at the beginning of the year (spring-summer) and an autumn collection (autumn-winter) half way through the year. Of course, our spectacular Christmas collection will also be released every autumn. Each collection's extensive range is centred around different themes, so there is always something for everyone – something that matches every style of home decor and room decor. It allows you to mix different home decor styles – whether modern, rural, Scandinavian, industrial, or bohemian – and change it all up in no time.

Accessories and furniture for the whole home

Endless in style: just three words that capture what Riverdale embodies. Our products offer endless opportunities to fashionably furnish your home. The product range includes stylish eye catchers, cool sofas, basic home decor accessories, and timeless service sets. Our very own kitchen and bathroom range offers inspiration for the design of every room in your home. A stylish base can be created with furniture such as a chic sofa and dining table or a beautiful, timeless kitchen. The most beautiful cushions in the colours, fabrics, and prints of the season and a stunning, earthenware service set for your sideboard create the right mood in your home. Riverdale's home decor is as diverse as you. The hurricaneslanterns, and candlesticks with candles by Riverdale can be beautifully incorporated into any home decor. Whether a large, eye-catching clock or lamp to emphasize the look and feel in a room, or picture framesvases, and romantic tea-light holders to bring out those smaller details in your home decor – everything is possible. 


“With our passion for style and interior we would love to make your home fashionable.”

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