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Lookbook autumn-winter 2019/2020

Adorable, flowing, wild, pure, and elegant. High glamour, low glamour, art deco, Bauhaus and eighties. Concrete, gold, industrial, and chic. Miss Rebelle desires warmth, luxury, and a touch of decadence in her house for that theatrical feeling resembling a hotel. She wants more fun wherever she goes, including at home, at her job, and in the supermarket. Miss Rebelle doesn’t colour within the lines, life's too short after all! Her Day-to-Night lifestyle requires an out-of-the-box approach to let go of the harsh reality, discover new creativity, and fulfil desires.

The new autumn-winter collection 2019/2020 Miss Rebelle fulfils desires, mixes contrasting styles, and expresses your temperaments by giving each space its own identity. Do not compromise, instead give it your all!

Take a look at our lookbook and be inspired by our autumn-winter collection Miss Rebelle. 

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